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“Countless unseen details are often the only difference between mediocre and magnificent.”

Welcome to our support section. Here you can educate yourself on the finer details of our system and event suggest how we can make your experience more magnificent! Take some time to read through our featured articles for tips on using TicketstotheCity and if you want to request an addition or change to our system, and we encourage active participation from all of our groups, then send our support team an email; they’ll be happy to read your suggestions.


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Call today for more information or to setup an account for your group. You can also email our presales support team with your questions.

Did You Know? 

Partners Program

TicketstotheCity has a partners program for arts alliances, associations, councils and leagues. If your group is a member of an organization contact our presales support team today to find out how to earn the organization and your group an additional per-ticket rebate.