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“Actually, we've done 75 of these shows and every one of them has sold out. But then we buy all the tickets.” - Tim Conway

Buying tickets online has quickly become the preferred choice for most consumers. TicketstotheCity makes it easy to get started; often accounts are setup and ready to begin selling the same day! Don't hesitate any longer, follow the three steps below to request an account and open your online box office today.

Please note: the following form is for groups wishing to sign-up to use TicketstotheCity to sell their tickets online, if you are looking to purchase tickets please click here.

Step One: Tell Us About Yourself

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Step Two: Tell Us About Your Group

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Step Three: The Legal Stuff

Before we can approve your account your group needs to agree to the terms of service below. If you are not authorized by your organization to digitally sign our service agreement then you can download a PDF version and remit a signed copy via fax to our offices (fax number and instructions listed on the first page of the PDF). Otherwise, read the following agreement and make sure to click “I agree, and I’m authorized to sign this agreement on behalf of my organization” in the form below.

Step Four: Verifying You're a Real Human

We apologize for this step, we really wish it wasn't necessary, but since the popularity of TicketstotheCity has grown we found the need to implement a simple question to ensure you aren't a spam system trying to sign our staff up for a year's supply of male enhancements. Please answer the question below.

ex. 4


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Did You Know? 

Partners Program

TicketstotheCity has a partners program for arts alliances, associations, councils and leagues. If your group is a member of an organization contact our presales support team today to find out how to earn the organization and your group an additional per-ticket rebate.