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A Free Ticketing System 

There is always an asterisk attached to the word “free”. After all, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” And “Nothing comes for free.” Sound familiar?

TicketstotheCity is truly eliminating the asterisk! We’re here to make arts groups – or any ticket selling organization – realize the power of truly being freefree from set-up fees; free from monthly service charges; free from percentage fees that bite into your bottom line; free from monolithic organizations that don’t care that their system doesn’t quite work for your group. TicketstotheCity is here to enable your group to reach out to the growing number of patrons that want to buy their tickets online. And free has never looked so good.

Features To Help You Sell

  • Create multiple general or reserved seating venues; allowing your patrons to easily choose the seats of their choice.
  • Quickly post events and easily select which date to start sales, what time you want to end sales, and whether you want to sell your tickets via a Will Call window or mail them to your patrons.
  • Create flex or event-based packages; enabling your group to create custom ticket packages or season tickets.
  • Set up donations campaigns to encourage your audiences to give your group additional financial support.
  • Generate customized coupons and discount codes to market your events and track your redemption patterns.
  • Track your individual tickets sales and your customer base through reports including Excel-based spreadsheets, graphic charts and instant email notifications
  • Setup as many user accounts as you need. Two different account levels are available; administrators and basic users.

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TicketstotheCity offers all of the above and much more. To learn more about our service please call of our associates at 1-866-499-ARTS or contact our presales support team.


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Did You Know? 

Partners Program

TicketstotheCity has a partners program for arts alliances, associations, councils and leagues. If your group is a member of an organization contact our presales support team today to find out how to earn the organization and your group an additional per-ticket rebate.